About me

About me

Dear reader,

Here are some few facts about me,

I am an English and German teacher in a primary school and I work as a certified court interpreter for both English and German. I am also an ex-gymnastics athlete so my passions are sports, fitness and health. I own licences of Body Skills, Metabolic Effect, Pilates and Yoga and I am searching for new knowledge in the scope of fitness every year. I have spent more than 20 years in the gym and I am very happy to announce that I have recently opened my own Studio called Different by Irena, located in Osijek. I have also started running too so I am totally excited about it. I also work as an international presenter and was a guest in England, Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia. I love to teach step classes, functional classes and yoga. When I catch some free time I like to cook and invite my friends to try it. I have been the organiser of the Be Different Be Strong convention in Osijek for the last six years and I am just planning the new on in 2018. My biggest goal is to show people some new ideas, to give them a closer look into different branches of fitness so that they can find something they like and try to maintain living a healthy life. I also try to invite different professionals from all over the world to join our event and I always try to show them our beautiful culture, especially food and wine. A Croatian writer Jasna Horvat made me a character in one of her novels and this way inspired me to be the best version of my self. So here I am.
Enjoy my web.




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