About BDBS

The idea came up 6 years ago when my twins were 2 years old. I wanted to do something for me, go to some educations because I missed them so much, but then I thought: “Why wouldn’t they all come to my town so I wouldn’t have to go anywhere?" ;) Aha! The other great thing about it was that I could actually choose the presenters and like a DJ making his own music, I could do my own “CD mix”. The only problem was how to explain the people around me why should they come and pay for it too. I was so excited that I forgot the entrance bracelets the first day. There were only two people helping me that year. Now when I think about it, the event had so many flaws, but at that moment I was so happy and proud.
On 20.-21. May we will have the 6th edition of BDBS :)
I have a lot of volunteers nowadays, a lot of new friends, workers, coworkers, sponsors, I even have a project manager :)
The first event was called Dance Different Be Different, but the next year came a friend of mine and wished to join. Since he was all about kettlebell, kickboxing the name Be Different Be Strong came up.
Every year carries a new inspiration. We started doing amazing scenography trying to show the presenters all around the world our culture and parts of our town or region. This made us different from all other other events of such kind. Except of giving them a great number of masterclasses, we gave them a reason to stay the whole day and feel awesome in our space. The third year was not a success but I did not want to quit.
So here I am. Planning the 2017.
This year is all about our differences and about accepting them. I needed years to accept myself in the mirror and have the courage to take a photo without makeup.
So, if you feel inspired, please be free to check up our presenters and the schedule.

p.s. I offer lovely food and our domestic beverages too. Come and try it.


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